On a Budget: Affordable Accommodations in Port Blair

On a Budget: Affordable Accommodations in Port Blair

Andaman On a Budget

Traveling can be an exciting experience, especially when it brings you to stunning locations like Port Blair, the vibrant capital of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. However, managing expenses while traveling can sometimes be challenging. One of the most important aspects of travel expenditure is finding a place to stay that won't be too expensive. In this guide, we explore various affordable accommodations in Port Blair, ensuring that your visit is comfortable, enjoyable, and most importantly, budget-friendly.

The type of Accommodations in Port Blair

Port Blair, as a popular tourist destination, offers a variety of accommodation options ranging from luxury resorts to budget hotels. However, when you’re on a budget, your primary focus is finding a cost-effective yet comfortable place. The good news is that affordable accommodations in Port Blair are plentiful, offering the savvy traveler numerous options to choose from.

Types of Affordable Accommodations in Port Blair

1. Budget Hotels: Budget hotels are the most straightforward option for affordable accommodations in Port Blair. These establishments typically offer essential amenities like clean rooms, private bathrooms, and sometimes free WiFi. The price range for budget hotels in Port Blair can vary, but it is possible to find good deals especially outside of the peak tourist season.

2. Guest Houses: For those looking to experience a more homely environment, guest houses in Port Blair can be an excellent choice. They often provide a more personalized experience and give you a chance to interact with locals and other travelers.

3. Hostels: Ideal for solo travelers and backpackers, hostels in Port Blair offer the cheapest form of accommodation. They provide basic facilities and shared rooms, which are perfect for meeting new people while keeping costs low.

4. Homestays: Engaging in a homestay is another great way to save money. Not only do you get affordable rates, but you also experience the local culture and cuisine firsthand. Homestays in Port Blair often include meals and personalized guidance on exploring the area.

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How to Find Cheap Hotels in Port Blair

Finding cheap hotels in Port Blair requires a bit of research and planning. The following advice will help you find the best offers:

● Book in Advance: To secure the best rates, book your accommodation well in advance. Last-minute bookings can sometimes lead to higher prices, especially during the tourist season.

● Travel in the Off-Season: The off-season in Port Blair is from May to September. During this time, many accommodations offer discounts due to the lower number of tourists.

● Use Comparison Websites: Websites can help you compare prices and read reviews from other travelers, making it easier to find a budget hotel in Port Blair that meets your needs.

Recommended Budget Hotels in Port Blair

● TSG Grand Hotel: This hotel offers clean, air-conditioned rooms with free WiFi at very competitive prices. It’s centrally located, making it easy to explore nearby attractions.

Andaman TSG Grand Hotel

● Megapode Resort: Known for its friendly staff and excellent service, this resort offers bamboo cottages with with amenities that are a notch above typical budget hotels.

Andaman Megapode Resort

● Peerless Resort Port Blair: Peerless Resort Port Blair offers a tranquil escape with its lush surroundings and pristine views of the Bay of Bengal. Known for its excellent hospitality, the resort features well-appointed rooms, a swimming pool, and on-site dining options, making it a perfect choice for both leisure and business travelers.

Andaman Peerless Resort

● Sunnyvale Andaman: Sunnyvale Andaman offers a tranquil retreat with its cozy, well-furnished rooms and lush garden surroundings. Ideal for families and solo travelers alike, the hotel provides excellent amenities and friendly service, all within a budget-friendly price range. It's the perfect base to explore the natural beauty of the Andaman Islands.

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Attractions Near Affordable Accommodations in Port Blair

Choosing to stay in affordable accommodations in Port Blair doesn't mean you'll be far from the city's famous attractions. Here are a few must-visit spots:

● Cellular Jail National Memorial: A historical site that offers insight into India’s colonial past.

● Corbyn’s Cove: A serene beach that’s perfect for a relaxing day out.

● Samudrika Marine Museum: Ideal for those interested in learning about the region's marine biodiversity.


Finding affordable accommodations in Port Blair is easier than you might think. Whether you opt for a budget hotel, a guest house, a hostel, or a homestay, there are plenty of options available that cater to low-cost travelers. By using the tips provided and choosing the right places to stay in Port Blair, you can enjoy a memorable trip without straining your finances. Happy travels!

Frequently Asked Questions

There are several options for affordable accommodations in Port Blair, including the TSG Grand Hotel and Megapode Resort, which offer good amenities at budget-friendly prices. Guest houses and hostels like Peerless Resort Port Blair and Sunnyvale Andaman also provide economical alternatives.

To find cheap hotels in Port Blair, it's advisable to use online comparison websites like Booking.com or Agoda, which allow you to compare prices, read guest reviews, and book rooms at the lowest available rates. Booking in advance and traveling during the off-season can also help secure better deals.

Yes, there are several budget hotels in Port Blair located near major attractions. Some are close to the Cellular Jail and Samudrika Marine Museum, making it easy for guests to explore these sites without spending much on transportation.

TSG Grand Hotel or Sunnyvale Andaman is an excellent choice for families seeking budget accommodations in Port Blair. It offers family-friendly amenities, including spacious rooms and recreational facilities, ensuring a comfortable stay for both adults and children.

For travelers on a tight budget, hostels and guest houses are the most suitable places to stay in Port Blair. These accommodations provide basic amenities at a much lower cost compared to hotels. Homestays can also be an economical option, offering the added benefit of experiencing local culture and cuisine.