Famous Traditional Food in Andaman and Nicobar

Famous Traditional Food in Andaman and Nicobar

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The Andaman and Nicobar Islands, an exquisite union of land and sea off the eastern coast of India, offer more than just scenic beauty and adventure activities. They are also a treasure of culinary delights, particularly traditional food that reflects the unique blend of cultures residing on these islands. The traditional food in Andaman is predominantly seafood-based, thanks to the extensive coastlines, but there are also plenty of options for vegetarians. Here we’ll go into the famous traditional food in Andaman and Nicobar, the best dishes of Andaman, and where to find them.

Seafood: The Heart of Andaman Cuisine

The traditional food in Andaman heavily features seafood, with fish, crabs, lobsters, and prawns being the most common ingredients. The tropical climate of the islands ensures that the seafood is fresh and flavorful. One of the famous food of Andaman is the

Grilled Lobsters. These lobsters are freshly caught and grilled to perfection with a hint of local spices, offering a burst of flavors that seafood lovers cherish. Another must-try dish is the Fish Curry, prepared with coconut milk and a blend of local spices, creating a perfect harmony of flavors. This dish is typically served with rice and is a staple in the Andamanese diet.

Tribal Influences

The indigenous tribes of Andaman, such as the Nicobarese, have their unique culinary traditions that have influenced the traditional food in Andaman. One of the traditional tribal dishes is the Bamboo Shoot Curry. This dish is made from tender bamboo shoots, cooked with spices and sometimes pork or fish. The curry has a distinctive flavor and is a testament to the tribal influence on the islands’ cuisine.

Vegetarian Delights

While seafood dominates the culinary landscape, there are also plenty of vegetarian dishes that are part of the traditional food in Andaman. One such dish is the Coconut Prawn Curry, which, despite its name, can be made without prawn for a vegetarian version. The curry uses coconut milk and a variety of local spices, providing a creamy and aromatic flavor.

Another vegetarian favorite is the Sabzi Curry, a mix of local vegetables cooked in traditional Andamanese style with coconut and spices. It's a light and nutritious option for those looking for a break from the seafood.

Famous Food to Try in Andaman

When visiting Andaman, certain dishes are a must-try:

Seafood Platter – Given the geographic location of the islands, seafood is a staple. A seafood platter in Andaman typically includes a variety of fish, prawns, crabs, and lobsters, all cooked in distinct local flavors.

● Barbecue Food – The beaches of Andaman offer more than just scenic beauty; they are the perfect spots for barbecue evenings. Grilled fish, prawns, and lobsters are some of the delicacies that are commonly served.

● Coconut Prawn Curry – A famous food to try in Andaman, this curry is made with prawns simmered in a rich coconut milk sauce, flavored with spices and curry leaves. It's a perfect blend of sweetness and spice.

Apart from the aforementioned seafood and tribal dishes, the Chilli Curry, made from a unique blend of local chilies and other spices, is a famous food to try in Andaman for those who can handle the heat.

For a snack or a light meal, Samosas filled with fish or vegetables are a popular choice among locals and tourists alike. They are perfect for a quick bite while exploring the islands.

Best Dishes of Andaman

Some of the best dishes of Andaman reflect the island’s culinary diversity:

● Squid Fry – Squid is marinated in spices and then fried until crisp. It is a popular snack among locals and tourists alike.

● Tandoori Fish – Inspired by North Indian cuisine, fish marinated in spices and yogurt is grilled in a tandoor, resulting in a dish that is flavorful and aromatic.

● Nariyal Tudka Dal – A comforting dish made with lentils and coconut milk, seasoned with mustard seeds, curry leaves, and dried red chilies. It's a vegetarian favorite that showcases the subtle use of spices in Andamanese cuisine.

Famous Seafood Restaurants in Andaman

For those looking to explore the best of Andaman cuisine, here are some famous seafood restaurants in Andaman:

● Anju Coco Resto – Known for its relaxed ambiance and excellent seafood platters, Anju Coco Resto is a must-visit for food lovers.

● Red Snapper – This restaurant offers a range of delectable seafood dishes along with options for vegetarians and meat lovers, making it a perfect dining spot for everyone.

● Full Moon Café – Located on Havelock Island, this café offers great seafood options along with beautiful sea views.


The Andaman and Nicobar Islands offer a unique culinary journey that reflects the history, culture, and natural bounty of the region. From spicy seafood curries to tender bamboo shoot preparations, the traditional food in Andaman is as diverse as it is delicious. Whether you are a seafood aficionado or a vegetarian, there are ample options to explore and enjoy. Remember to visit some of the famous seafood restaurants in Andaman for an authentic experience of the best dishes of Andaman. So next time you plan a trip to these beautiful islands, make sure to indulge in the local cuisine and enjoy the flavors of Andaman.

Frequently Asked Questions

In Andaman, you should try traditional dishes such as Machha Curry (fish curry), Chilli Curry (made with bamboo shoots), and Coconut Prawn Curry. Rice is a staple in the Andaman diet and is commonly paired with these flavorful curries. Also, don’t miss out on trying the seafood platter, which showcases the islands' fresh marine produce.

The famous food of Andaman that every visitor must try includes the Seafood Platter, which consists of a variety of freshly caught fish, prawns, crabs, and lobsters. Additionally, the Tandoori Fish, known for its unique blend of spices and grilled perfection, is another must-try dish in the region.

Yes, several famous seafood restaurants in Andaman offer delicious and fresh seafood. Anju Coco Resto and Red Snapper are among the most popular ones, known for their wide variety of seafood dishes. Seafood Heaven is another highly recommended spot if you want to indulge in authentic Andaman seafood flavors.

Absolutely! While Andaman is known for its seafood, there are plenty of vegetarian options available as well. Nariyal Tudka Dal (lentils cooked with coconut milk) and Amritsari Kulcha (bread filled with spices and vegetables) are delightful vegetarian dishes that reflect the traditional food in Andaman. Most restaurants also offer vegetable curries and stir-fries made with local produce.

If you love spicy food, Andaman has several dishes to offer. Chilli Curry, made with bamboo shoots, is notably fiery and a local favorite. Additionally, you can try the Squid Fry or any of the local fish curries, which are often seasoned with an array of spices that provide a good kick. Don’t forget to ask for the level of spiciness to be adjusted according to your preference when ordering.