Andaman Island's Best Waterfalls and Natural Pools

Best Waterfalls and Natural Pools in Andaman Islands

Best Waterfalls and Natural Pools In Andaman That Are Perfect For A Rejuvenating Holiday

Embark on a journey to Andaman Island, where nature's mystical allure awaits your arrival. Prepare to be captivated by the ethereal beauty of the island's best waterfalls and natural pools, nestled amidst a tapestry of crystal-clear waters and verdant greenery. Allow yourself to be immersed in a sanctuary of tranquility, where the wonders of cascading waters and serene reflections cast a spell of enchantment.

Unveiling these hidden gems, this article serves as your compass to navigate the treasures that lie ahead. Discover the unique characteristics that make each waterfall and natural pool a work of art. Receive insider tips to plan your adventure, ensuring an experience that transcends ordinary travel. Delve into the rich biodiversity that thrives within these havens of nature, witnessing the harmonious dance of life.

Join us on this expedition of discovery, where memories are etched forever and the soul finds solace in the embrace of nature's masterpieces. Let the wonders of Andaman Island's best waterfalls and natural pools ignite your imagination and leave an indelible mark upon your spirit.

Andaman Island's Best Waterfalls

Andaman Island is a paradise for nature lovers, offering a diverse range of waterfalls for a refreshing escape from tropical climate heat. Here are some of the top waterfalls of Andaman.

Wimberley Gunj Waterfalls
This waterfall is located near the Bamboo flats near Port Blair and can be reached by road or ferry. It is a stunning sight to behold, as the water cascades down from a height of about 40 meters into a pool surrounded by lush greenery. The waterfall is also a popular spot for picnics and birdwatching.

Whisper Waves Waterfall
This waterfall is situated in the midst of a dense jungle in Andaman, and can be accessed by trekking through the forest. The waterfall has two levels, each with its own charm and beauty. The first level has green-colored water that covers a wide area, while the second level is higher and safer, as there are no crocodiles in the water1. The waterfall is a great place to enjoy the tranquility and serenity of nature.

White Surf Waterfall
This waterfall is one of the major attractions of Little Andaman, which is about 120 km from Port Blair. The waterfall is an exemplary example of a tropical waterfall, with its white foam and spray creating a contrast with the green foliage. The waterfall is also surrounded by enormous rocks that add to its splendor.

Panchavati Waterfall
This waterfall is located on the Panchavati hill on the outskirts of Rangat in Andaman. The waterfall is a go-to place for swimmers and photographers, as it offers scenic views and crystal clear water. The waterfall is also home to fishing and agriculture activities, as well as a variety of flora and fauna.

Unveiling the Natural Pools

Natural pools, formed by rainwater or seawater accumulation in rocky crevices, offer serene ambiance and crystal-clear waters reflecting nature's beauty. Explore hidden gems on Andaman Island.

Laxmanpur Beach Natural Pool
This natural pool is located on the northern tip of Neil Island, and is a perfect spot for swimming, snorkeling, and relaxing. The pool is surrounded by coral reefs and colorful fishes, and has a shallow depth that makes it safe for beginners. The pool also offers a stunning view of the sunset over the horizon.

Elephant Beach Natural Pool
This natural pool is situated on the eastern coast of Havelock Island, and is accessible by boat or trekking through the forest. The pool is a haven for divers and snorkelers, as it boasts of a rich marine life and exotic corals. The pool also has a white sandy beach and a green canopy that add to its charm.

Natural Bridge Natural Pool
This natural pool is located near the natural bridge or Howrah Bridge on Neil Island, and is a unique attraction that showcases the power of nature. The pool is formed by the erosion of limestone rocks by the sea waves, creating a bridge-like structure that connects two shores. The pool is home to various creatures such as crabs, starfish, sea cucumbers, and octopuses, and is a delight for nature lovers.

Kalapathar Beach Natural Pool
This natural pool is located on the south-eastern side of Havelock Island, and is a secluded and peaceful place to enjoy the beauty of nature. The pool is named after the black rocks that line the shore, creating a contrast with the turquoise water. The pool is ideal for swimming, sunbathing, and photography.

Exploring Biodiversity

Nearly 11000 faunal species from the vast marine and terrestrial ecosystem can be found on Andaman Island, which is a hotspot of biological diversity. The island is home to many endemic and endangered species, such as the Narcondam tree shrew, the Andaman wild pig, the Andaman hawk-owl, and the leatherback turtle. The waterfalls and natural pools of the island are also rich in biodiversity, harboring various creatures such as crabs, starfish, sea cucumbers, octopuses, coral reefs, and colorful fishes. The island also has a diverse flora, with over 2200 plant species, including mangroves, orchids, ferns, and medicinal plants.

Planning Your Visit

For a memorable trip to the waterfalls and natural pools, here are some practical tips. The best time to visit is during the dry season, between September to May, when the weather is pleasant and water levels are ideal. Consider peak tourist seasons and plan accordingly. Transportation options include hiring a local guide, renting a scooter, or taking public transportation. Some attractions may require permits or have entry fees, so research in advance.

Safety Tips for a Memorable Experience

Ensure a safe adventure by following these essential tips. Observe all safety guidelines and signs provided at the sites. Stay aware of potential hazards such as slippery rocks and sudden changes in water currents. Be careful when hiking and only swim in designated areas. Stay hydrated throughout the journey and carry necessary supplies like sunscreen and insect repellent.

Accommodation and Dining Options

Choose from a range of accommodation options to suit your budget and preferences. Local guesthouses offer an authentic experience, while resorts provide luxurious amenities. Consider eco-lodges for a sustainable stay. Indulge in the diverse culinary delights of Andaman Island, including fresh seafood and local cuisine. Experience the flavors of the region and savor the taste of the ocean.


As we bid farewell to the enchanting realm of Andaman Island's Best Waterfalls and Natural Pools, we carry with us memories of awe-inspiring beauty and tranquil serenity. This journey has awakened our senses, deepened our appreciation for nature's wonders, and left an indelible mark on our souls. Let the magic of these hidden treasures linger in our hearts, reminding us of the incredible power and beauty that nature has to offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Explore Andaman Island's popular waterfalls like Wimberley Gunj, Whisper Waves, White Surf, and Panchavati, each with unique characteristics and natural wonders worth visiting.

Yes, you can swim in the natural pools of Andaman Island, as they offer a refreshing and scenic escape from the heat and humidity of the tropical climate.

Guided tours on Andaman Island's waterfalls and natural pools are available through operators like Andaman World Travels Private Limited.

Visit Andaman Island's waterfalls and natural pools between October and March for dry weather, pleasant sightseeing, water sports, beach excursions, and turtle nesting.

Explore Andaman Island's waterfalls and natural pools by trekking, boating, or hiring a guide for safe and convenient exploration.